Housewarming welcomes 20,000 attendees to kick off WSOP 2022

The World Series of Poker is finally back! The event that started it all has begun, and with it, some familiar sights have arrived – player registration was open for cash games just a few hours after the doors opened to allow them to enter in their spare time. But this year, there were also many new aspects; Lisa Vanderpump gave the “shuffle and deal” command that set everything in motion during the annual WSOP superstar (a term coined by TV star-turned-casino owner). And then, the installation took place on brand new carpeting while there was enough light everywhere, despite the late start time.

The WSOP renaissance began after it was decided that Las Vegas would be the venue for this year’s final table. The move to Paris and Bally’s on the Tropicana has given new energy, while at other casinos nearby, the business has dropped significantly because people are afraid of getting sick again, like last time when employees who work closely with players were required to be vaccinated. Memorial Day weekend start times remain the same, which is great news considering how much everyone has relied on this weekend during the pandemic when many people wouldn’t go out otherwise due to the careful planning of your visit.


There was a rush that hadn’t been seen in many years, probably with excitement.

Initial Tournament

The first WSOP gold bracelet winner was on the field of Event 1. With just two days to go, this casino staff tournament ended in the dead of night on June 2nd (technically early in the morning). The man who posed with cards and chips got his name, symbolized by a shiny new gold WEEL BRACELET!”

even though she lives in Cleveland, poker dealer Katie Kopp tries to visit the Seminole Hard Rock Casino every year and participate in at least two tournaments. This trip was no exception, as they managed to get through various series around the city, including one event where they won big!

She was relieved after receiving the WSOP gold bracelet and a hefty $65,168 cash prize.


Results of the first four events

The final table results for Tournament 1 were as follows: The event ended with an exciting prize-giving ceremony where all the participants and their friends celebrated together. It’s not over until you say so, but I think it’s a great way to start our new year!

  • Event 1: $500 NLHE Casino Staff = 832 Entries / $349,440 Prize Pool
  • 1e Seat: Kathy Kopp (USA) $65,168
  • 2seat: Wyatt Frost (USA) $40,273
  • 3rd seat: Brandon West (USA) $28,356
  • 4e place: Sean Colquhoun (USA) $20,275
  • 5e Seat: Joe Chung (USA) $14,725
  • 6e Seat: Vikram Vijay (USA) $10,865
  • 7e place: Gonzalo Gonzalez (USA) $8,147
  • 8e place: Arturo Jimenez (USA) $6210
  • 9e place: Kyle Dempsey (USA) $4,813

Event 2 wasn’t just a regular tournament – it had a $100,000 buy-in and rewards! This was first done at the start of the WSOP. Two players remained for the second event, each earning their fourth poker tournament bracelet; David Peters eventually earned himself one final prize before leaving Las Vegas feeling incredible about how far he had come since moving there six years ago. The second day was unprecedented.

  • Event 2: $100,000 NLHE High Roller Bounty = 46 runners / $3,300,500
  • 1e place: David Peters (USA) $1,166,810
  • 2seat: Chance Kornuth (USA) $721,144
  • 3seat: Dario Sammartino (Italy) $498,686
  • 4e place: Ali Imsirovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $350,158
  • 5e place: Koray Aldemir (Germany) $249,693
  • 6e place: Matthew Steinberg (USA) $180,872
  • 7e seat: Phil Ivey (USA) $133,127

Event 3 was the first of three non-reentry events. He had an impressive attendance, and at least a few big names made it to the final table! In the end, Scott Seiver claimed his fourth career WSOP bracelet by winning this one, too – you’ll never guess what color their suit is.

  • Event 3: $2,500 NLHE Freezeout = 752 entries / $1,673,200 in prize pool
  • 1e place: Scott Seiver (USA) $320,059
  • 2seat: Alexander Farahi (USA) $197,806
  • 3rd seat: David Goodman (USA) $139,193
  • 4e place: Steve Zolotov (USA) $99,483
  • 5e place: Sergio Aido (Spain) $72,233
  • 6e place: Nick Shulman (USA) $53,296
  • 7e seat: Lewis Spencer (Great Britain) $39,970
  • 8e place: Chris Hunichen (USA) $30,478
  • 9e seat: Aditya Agarwal (India) $23,634

Jaswinder Lally is a three-time champion, but he can’t match Brad Reuben’s record. The latter has won four Dealer’s Choice bracelets and will take home his fourth gold bracelet this year!

  • Event 4: $1,500 Dealer Pick, 6 runners = 430 runners / $574,040 prize pool
  • 1e place: Brad Reuben (USA) $126,288
  • 2seat: Jaswinder Lally (Canada) $78,048
  • 3rd place: Naoya Kihara (Japan) $52,282
  • 4e place: Ben Yu (USA) $35,793
  • 5e seat: Jorge Walker (USA) $25,056
  • 6e place: Charles Bransford (USA) $17,944
  • 7seat Alfred Atamyan (USA) $13,153


The WSOP is a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy high-stakes poker. When they move from one place to another, all visitors are required to do is their buy-ins – no wine or other gifts needed!

WSOP Event 5 was a major event of great significance. For $500, players had the chance to win up to $5 million and re-enter if they so desired – there were four starting flights!

The $30,000 buy-in event was a huge success! The field of participants will increase every day, but it starts with already thousands of participants. With 12,973 members last year, plus new players arriving daily, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks when those numbers get even higher!!

Unfortunately, there is not very good news for GoldenEye fans on Xbox. It turns out that Microsoft Has No Plans To Add Online Play For GoldenEye On Xbox, as recently officially announced by the company itself.

The WSOP has released the final housewarming numbers, which are impressive. The success of this year’s iteration is clear, with over $2 million in prize money given away during play to 24 players who locked themselves out of everything else just so you could have some fun playing good old poker with friends or family members for any number of games, such as limit Holdem stars, or charity!

  • Day 1A = 3373 members, top 506 paid, 147 members left on Day 2.
  • Day 1B = 3913 members, 587 highest paid, 164 survived to day 2.
  • Day 1C = 5,526 claims, 249 highest paid, 249 survived to Day 2.
  • Day 1 D = 7,268 members, 1,091 highest paying, 339 members left on Day 2.

The main prize of this competition was 8.4 million dollars! The number of applications for participation in the competition reached 20,080, which also became a new record; organize an incredible fight with all these rivals to become the champion among them all.

The competition is heating up, with only one bracelet left to win. The final will take place over the next few days, and whoever comes out on top will receive $330,000.