The Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins of All Time

The 10 biggest payouts from slot machines are as follows: Five million dollars on a single plant Buffalo nickel worth 2; 3 hundred thousand US dollar jackpot in Japan for 15 pays out at 1 million per spin – this was achieved by an Australian rules footballer who collected his bonus after just six. Weeks! 4 Million payouts for playing multi-line video poker with coins size 30mm, having returned three cards simultaneously with at least two possible combinations making them worth 100K+.

1) $39,710,826

An anonymous 25-year-old computer software engineer from Los Angeles won the largest slot machine jackpot ever, recorded at $ rewriting history in 2003.

1) $39,710,826

The $100 put into the slot at Excalibur triggered a 39-million jackpot.

2) $34,955,489

When a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas won the Megabucks jackpot at Desert Inn in Sin City, it was one of the more bittersweet victories for this humble city.

Jay-Brennan’s life was forever changed after just six weeks of being a celebrity. A drunk driver caused her paralysis and killed Jay’s sister, who had been by his side since the beginning!

In the 1970s, O’Callaghan worked at an advertising agency in London. While there, he started his own furniture company, eventually becoming Ireland’s leading high-end contemporary rug retailer and importer with more than twenty retail stores throughout Europe and two outlets on New York’s Central Park Mall.[1] He also co-founded The Rug Jury–a prestigious international awards program that annually recognizes outstanding design achievements from around the globe through twelve different categories, including Best In Show!

3) $27,580,879

Speculating is often seen as a dirty word in the context of investing, but it’s an important strategy to employ if we want our investments to make us money. Does the old saying go that you need to engage with your investment by speculation if wanted for accumulation? Well, that works too!

An anonymous 67-year-old woman hit the jackpot on November 15, 1998, when she put $300 into a slot machine at Palace Station. She eventually triggered one of Egypt’s largest ever prizes – 27 million dollars!

The luck of the Irish seems to be running in her veins, as this woman wins again! $ 680K playing Wheel Of Fortune slot game at Palace Station. This is not Kelsie’s first colossal jackpot win, either. She’d previously landed a whopping 6800 dollars after betting on an episode from “Wheel trustees” where they put all their faith and money into one spin-the prize was worth more than some people make in years – but it didn’t come until she wagered 10 times higher number: three hundred thousand USD.

4) $22,618,156

Johanna Heundl, from Covina California, can attest to this. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

On March 27, 2002 — while eating breakfast at Bally’s in Las Vegas and deciding to have a play on Megabucks slot machine–she put $170 into the game. Though initially thinking she would only win two million bucks instead of 22-and6 million, as it turns out later; this woman had misread her winning figure from 1:30 pm onwards when all of a sudden there were people around asking if anyone knew where I could find some “easy money.”

5) $21,346,952

When an anonymous man from Illinois won $21.3 million on the Megabucks slot at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, he only needed a 10-cent bet to trigger it – making him one of the luckiest men alive!

6) $21,147,947

When Elmer Sherwin won his second jackpot in less than ten years playing slot machines, many people thought that it was too good to be true. But this 92-year-old man kept winning even after quickly triggering another multi-million dollar win! It’s hard enough achieving success just once, but imagine having your entire life flash before you when suddenly everything falls into place at age twenty-five. It sounds impossible–but somehow, Mr E managing two Multi-Million Dollar Wins without ever really trying feels more unbelievable than anything else I’ve heard so far…

Sherwin’s luck finally ran out in Las Vegas. He triggered a $21 million payout on his Megabucks slot machine at the Cannery Casino, but that wasn’t enough to save him from being bankrupted by gambling debts within 16 years of winning again!

7) $20,057,734

On January 30, a Canadian player won the $20 million mega progressive jackpot while playing the Mega Moolah slot at Zodiac Casino.

This Canadian gambler is on a roll! Last month, he broke the world record for the biggest slot win. And now this? It’s enough to make anyone happy playing online gambling at their leisure – not that we mind having some friendly competition either 😉

8) €18,915,721

This anonymous player won the €18.9 million jackpot on Mega Moolah, one of Europe’s most popular progressive slots!

The jackpot prize for this record-breaking win is $ Belgian beer pongs!

9) €17,860,868

The anonymous player who won €17.9 million playing on the NetEnt-developed Mega Fortune slot at Paf Casino is just one of many high-profile jackpot winners that have been drawn to this game’s popularity and how much people are playing it!

10) £13,212,882

Jon Heywood, a UK player at Betway Casino won £13.2 million on October 6th 2015 when he triggered the mega progressive jackpot!

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